Erick Rook, Coach | Writer

Mission Statement

House of Attilius was founded on the concept of “True Victory is Victory Over the Self.” My mission is to assist in the improvement of overall health through self-discovery and increased awareness. Through exploration we seek the benefit of health, longevity, vitality, and enlightenment for humankind and the planet.



Learn the fusion of Qigong and Muay Boran defense techniques through movement, stillness, and breath. Explore ancient philosophy and it’s application in modern life. Discover the network of acupressure points and the healing benefits of Chinese medicine for trauma treatment.

True Wisdom comes from intellectual education, physical education, ethical education, and Qi education.


Qigong entered my life in 2014, while I was reading an article on Kettlebell training. It had talked about a strength coach at Cal Poly who was using Qigong as part of football player training. But the concept of Qigong, while I was intrigued, didn’t resonate with me enough at that time to pursue it.

I did, however, feel the need to tuck the article away for future reference. Years later, in 2018, my interest in learning and practicing Qigong suddenly piqued.

What inspired my change?

I’ve been a practitioner of meditation in my personal life for 25+ years. Yet, it wasn’t until I traveled to Thailand in 2018 where I felt like I was “activated”. I had felt like I was more inspired on a deeper spiritual level than before.

I was introduced to a whole different culture, which really resonated with me. Fascinated and inspired by the Buddhist temples, people, culture, and the sport of Muay Thai, a new energy was embracing me.

Once I arrived back in the states, I joined a local Muay Thai gym. The patience in perfecting the techniques and movements, the mental focus, all set the foundation for learning Qigong.

Qigong has been a spiritual journey that has improved my life beyond measure. It has also been a gateway for me learning about Chinese medicine, acupressure, and Muay Boran (Muay Thai predecessor). And I have read and been inspired and motivated by many remarkable stories of people’s personal transformations due to Qigong.


My hope is that sharing my experiences and knowledge will inspire others to pursue their own journey of self-healing. One that each of us discovers not only how Qigong benefits the body, but also the mind and spirit. Thus, we can stand as the connection between nature and the universe, as we were meant to.

Allowing ourselves to access and practice this art, the depths of which it can guide us will be immeasurable.