Recent studies have proven that our bodies store memories and trauma. Even inherited or epigenetic traumas can manifest in a variety of physiological and psychological symptoms.


Wudang Qigong derives its name from the Wudang Mountains of China, where these breath exercises were developed centuries ago.

Composed of 18 distinct exercises, each one serves to ignite a fire within our bodily cauldron. Through practice, we aim to refine and cultivate our inner energy, breath, spirit, and center.

We will learn one exercise at a time. Once we master that, we will master the next and so forth.

Emotional, Koi Fish, Master Qigong


Our practice will implement a scientific approach to identify various stages of emotional trauma. By establishing a strong foundation, we will understand the effects of trauma on our health and begin our healing journey.
Our Lesson Four will incorporate Stage Four, which focuses on Treating Trauma by harnessing Qi energy.


Qigong, Koi Fish, Consciousness, Emotions

These lessons will be taught and practiced:

  • The history of Wudang Qigong.
  • Its effects on our respiratory system, digestive system, nervous system, and cardiovascular system.
  • Acupressure/Acupuncture points that we will pay attention to during practice.
  • Refining our breath.
  • Regulating our emotional mind.
  • Harnessing Qi to treat trauma.