What is Qigong?

  • Qi = energy which is found in heaven (universe), earth, and every living thing. 
  • Gong = shortened from the term gongfu (related to Kung-Fu and Bruce Lee referenced this term as well), it is defined as energy and time; any study or training that requires a lot of energy and time to learn or accomplish. 

Qigong has a scientific foundation and theory which is a part of Chinese Medicine.  

Qigong, is a practice that has been used by people in China for thousands of years for improvement of their health and wellness. The origins of Qigong stretch back as far as before 2400 BC when a book called, “The Book of Changes” (Yi Jing) was introduced. This book is more commonly known as “I-Ching” today. This book spread the belief that natural energy or power included heaven (tian), earth (di), and human (ren). The three natural powers are what these were called. Each of the three have their own definite rules and cycles; the rules never change and the cycles periodically repeat. By understanding these rules and cycles, you can figure out how to calculate and understand the natural changes of Qi.

After a long period of research and study, Chinese people ended up discovering that through Qigong practice that they could strengthen their Qi (internal energy circulation) through Qigong exercises they created. In turn, this slowed down the degeneration process of the body, providing not only better health, but increased longevity.