Through this program, I want to highlight the potential of emotional trauma treatment and overall health to inspire others that there are techniques to help us better ourselves.


Through our learning process, we will be exploring the strategic use of our body as a combat tool.

We will be mastering various techniques involving our hands, feet/legs, knees, and elbows. Each weapon phase will be categorically divided to cover the fundamentals of each.

These categories include: Hands, Feet/Legs, Knees, and Elbows.

There will also be some additional concepts from another martial art interwoven as well. 

Emotional, Koi Fish, Master Qigong


We will implement a comprehensive approach to identifying emotional trauma in our practice, encompassing each stage of the process. By establishing a strong foundation, we will recognize the impact of trauma on our well-being and take the necessary steps toward healing.

In conjunction with Lesson Eight, we will work on addressing a past traumatic experience of our own that hasn’t yet been resolved.


Qigong, Koi Fish, Consciousness, Emotions

The various concepts which will be taught and in some cases demonstrated to everyone will be as follows:

  • Practice and master one body weapon at a time.
  • Identifying long, short, and middle range weapons.
  • Understanding the key to executing strong punches, kicks, knees, and elbow strikes.
  • Working on healing our own Traumatic event.