What is Martial Qigong?

Martial Qigong is the mix of, you guessed it, Martial Arts (Kung Fu in this case) and Qigong. Merging of the two art forms began around AD 502-557 during the Liang dynasty. And with that, here is story to share.

An emperor invited a Buddhist Indian prince named Da Mo (whose teachings are also a part of House of Attilius) to preach Buddhism in China. The emperor though decided that he did not like the Buddhist theory Da Mo was preaching, so Da Mo retreated to the Shaolin temple.

Upon arrival to the temple, what Da Mo saw shocked him; the priests of the temple were sick and weak. According to the story, Da Mo decided to go into seclusion for nine years to ponder the problem. When he emerged from his seclusion, he had written two classic books in the qigong field. 

  • “The Muscle Tendon Changing Classic” which taught the priests how to improve their health and change their physical body’s from weak to strong. 
  • “The Marrow/Brain Washing Classic” which taught the priests how to use internal energy or qi to clean the bone marrow strengthen the immune system and blood. The book also taught them how to energize their brain and attain enlightenment (or Buddhahood if you will).

After the priests practiced the MTC exercises they not only improved their health, but greatly increased their strength.

As these exercises were integrated into martial art forms, it greatly increased the effectiveness of their techniques, in additional to creating a five animal styles (tiger, dragon, leopard, snake, crane) of gongfu from watching and studying the way these different animals fought.

For the Martial aspect inside House of Attilius, I’ve decided to heavily lean on the various styles of Muay Boran, due to its compatibility as a Kung-Fu replacement to Qigong. (Muay Boran was developed by a Chinese Monk traveling through Thailand at the time…but that is another story).