Chinese medicine along with other holistic treatments can be of great value when working with trauma.

Bow Stance

The Bow and Arrow Stance is a commonly used stance by both martial artists and Qigong practitioners.

It is considered more challenging than the Horse Stance due to uneven distribution of body weight, leading to an uneven mind.

As part of this exercise, the “Left Right Open the Bow” or “Open Bow to Shoot the Hawk” movement from the Qigong exercise “8 Brocades” is incorporated to create a seamless flow.

Through mastering the Bow Stance, we enhance our rooting, maintaining balance and centeredness.

Emotional, Koi Fish, Master Qigong


Within our practice, the various phases of identifying emotional trauma will be systematically integrated. By establishing a solid foundation, we will examine the effects of our trauma on our physical and mental well-being. We will also look at initiating the process of recovery.
Interwoven with Lesson Five is a treatment stage of trauma: Soothing the Trauma Memory.


Qigong, Koi Fish, Consciousness, Emotions

These lessons will be taught and practiced:

  • Learning to concentrate our mind and increase Qi circulation.
  • Understanding more about our root.
  • Testing our root and stability.
  • Regulating our essence.
  • How to sooth a trauma memory.