Trauma is an unfortunate side-effect of life. When it occurs, there are emotional, psychological, and physical repercussions.


Prior to us commencing any practice, it is imperative that we learn how to ground ourselves.

When we’re grounded, it enables us to have a smoother flow of our practice and life.

For example, grounding enhances our sense of security, sharpens our mind, and provides a solid foundation of support. Additionally, grounding ourselves can lead to deeply improved sensitivity towards our surroundings, both in terms of sight, sound, and touch.

Emotional, Koi Fish, Master Qigong

Emotional Trauma THROUGH THE EYES OF Chinese Medicine

Emotional trauma identification will be integrated in all aspects of our practice. We will examine the impact of trauma on our well-being and explore methods for healing.
The first stage of trauma, “Our Traumatic Event,” will be incorporated into Lesson One.


Qigong, Koi Fish, Consciousness, Emotions

These lessons will be taught and practiced:

  • Understanding the three treasures (Jing, Qi, Shen) and how they impact our overall health.
  • Location of the three Dantian energy centers and how to implement them during and outside of grounding.
  • Identifying and understanding the two minds: emotional and wisdom. How they will impact us during and outside of practice.
  • A brief introduction the different breath exercises which will follow throughout future lessons.
  • Review of a traumatic event.