This is the third and final block in building our foundation. Everything we’ve trained from both previous blocks will be linked | incorporated into this lesson.

Kettlebell-Bodyweight Training

  1. Specific primer with 3 different exercises to focus on areas associated with our Martial programming, set-up in circuit format.
  2. Kettlebell-Bodyweight minimalist main programming based around our Martial goals.
  3. Ma Bu, Jot Muay, Qigong (Lung), and  Balance (form) exercises will be incorporated with this training.
Spend as much time as you need to, to strengthen your foundation here. This is not a race. Be patient with the process. Once you become proficient in this lesson, then you’ll be free to graduate to the Martial portion which is heavily influenced by several forms of Muay Boran, Kung-Fu, Muay Thai, and Japanese Jiu-Jitsu.


SUFFOCATION Podcast Episode 1 – Volume 1 KANASHIBARI:  sleep paralysis or parasomnia, in which a blurred line between sleep and wakefulness occurs, causing you to feel intense and immediate anxiety. 

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