Breathing Methods

Inhalation can make our body more Yin, while exhalation can make our body more Yang.

Breathing Regulation

Something that we take for granted and seldom put any major attention or spotlight on is our breathing. Qigong breathing methods, studied, and practiced since ancient times will be our focus.

We will practice breath work regularly in Attilius Mindset. Our goal in part is to find it easier for our mind to direct our Qi efficiently and effectively.

Our purposes for learning how to regulate are breathing are:

  • Taking in oxygen sufficiently and smoothly, and expelling carbon dioxide efficiently.
  • Strategically regulating our body’s Yin and Yang.
  • Harmonizing and coordinating our body, mind, Qi, and Shen

Listed below are the seven methods and the order in which each needs to be learned.

Breathing Methods Overview

  1. Normal Breathing, also known as Chest breathing, is where our breathing behavior becomes controlled by our emotions.
  2. Normal Abdominal Breathing aka Buddhist Breathing, shows us how to control our abdominal muscles and coordinate them with our breathing.
  3. Reverse Breathing or also Daoist Breathing. This method has the movement of our abdomen performed in reverse of the previous mentioned Buddhist breathing.
  4. Embryonic Breathing is a method in which we store our Qi in our Real Lower Dantian. With this breathing we learn to charge our bio-battery to a high-level. Then our vital energy will be raised; our immune system strengthened; our physical body reconditioned. *RLD is an area as big as a small football inside our guts, and two inches below our navel.
  5. Skin-Marrow Breathing, also identified as Skin Breathing or Body Breathing involves our entire body, not just our skin. Once we reach a profound level of practice, we should be able to feel our physical body disappear.
  6. Five Gates Breathingknown also as The Five Gates or Five Centers. This method focuses on:
  • Our Baihui head cavity- including our Upper Dantian or Third Eye.
  • The two Laogong palm cavities
  • Two Yongquan cavities on the soles of our feet.

7. Spiritual Breathing is the harmonization and unification of our Shen and the breathing in Embryonic Breathing. This allows the spiritual embryo to be conceived, for which the aim is achieving spiritual enlightenment. It also is used to increase the manifestation of our physical body and is commonly used in martial arts.

Footnote: Cells

Approximately one trillion of our cells die every day in a healthy person. In order for us to slow down our aging process, our body must produce the same number of cells each day.

Footnote: Harmonization 

If we concentrate during a a deep and profound inhalation, we become more calm and our Shen is more condensed. If we focus during exhalation, our body’s energy will be increased; our mind aroused; our Shen raised.

Footnote: Vessels & Channels 

There are eight Qi vessels in our body which focus like reservoirs. We also have twelve primary Qi channels which function like rivers. In addition we also have millions of secondary tiny channels (Luo) which branch our from the twelve to the surface of the skin.

Author: Erick