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Life has amazing journeys in-store for each of us if we just embrace what exists internally and surrounding us. But this same life journey also as an unfortunate side effect:


We do have a tendency to fear and try to ignore trauma. In turn all this does is allow trauma to seed deeper into us. Thus, we experience unfortunate repercussions which can manifest from very mild to extremely debilitating.

Emotional trauma is also known to be more insidious on the overall effects of our health, both internally and externally.

These traumatic manifestations can impact us in one or more of the following ways:

  • Emotionally.
  • Psychologically.
  • Physically.

Recent studies have proven that our bodies can store memories and trauma. From our present and past, as well as any inherited or epigenetic traumas.

This is where implementing concepts where we view the whole picture of:

  • Our past.
  • Our present.
  • Our surroundings.
  • Our body, internally and externally.

…along with other holistic treatments can be of great value for us and healing.

Now, a lot of what we need to implement depends on the level of our trauma. How long it has been left untreated, the current impact of it on our health, etc. Thus, there may be more than one type of treatment required.

Yet, holistic treatments serve as a powerful and strong foundation. Even outside of treating trauma, they are extreme assets to retain for our daily body and mind health maintenance.

Treating Trauma with Attilius Mindset

When we treat emotional trauma, each treatment can be a unique, specialized and multiple modality approach different for everyone.

Now, Attilius Mindset was not developed to be the ultimate solution. And for me to claim such a thing would mean that I’m advertising and operating under false pretenses of curing something or guaranteeing a one-hundred percent trauma healing.

There are enough of those claims existing in the new age/spiritual healing arena today, and I refuse to be a part of that.

Simply put, my job is to guide you towards learning how to open your body and mind up. The goal from that being to allow yourself to experience and see life in a whole different way.

Attilius Mindset is a catalyst to help people embark on a penetrating and transformative journey of their own.

A journey that can potentially allow them to open themselves up for a reconciliation. A reconciliation with healing our inner child, which can lead to strength and clarity for our present and future selves.

That is where the true healing process begins.

Yes, trauma can always be a tricky thing to deal with when attempting to heal and treat. And what we must remember is while trauma could be healed in a relatively short span of time, it may also linger for the rest of our lives.

But we work towards developing the knowledge and tools for ourselves to understand and embrace it.

In this manner we will then be able to recognize trauma before it decides to manifest itself again. If it does, we’ll have the tools at our disposal to control or limit its impact on us.

So, what’s involved in the Attilius Mindset journey? Read below.

Attilius Mindset, The Journey

Stepping into the world of an ancient healing art called Qigong, we begin our journey. Along the way we begin to learn about an ancient Thai martial art known as Muay Boran, and fuse this within our Qigong practice. The concepts and practices of these two arts form the foundation of Attilius Mindset.

Within these two arts we will be introduced to different breathing and meditation practices. This is along with learning the techniques of a martial art alongside the movements of Qigong. This will be the glue which holds it all together.

Traditional Chinese Medicine will be built into our foundation as well so we can better understand the healing journey of our trauma stages:

  • Stages of Trauma: 1. Traumatic event, 2. Reliving the trauma, 3. Unresolved trauma in the body.
  • Stages of Treating Trauma: 1. Gathering Qi, 2. Soothing the trauma memory, 3. Treating individual imbalances.

Also, we will encounter philosophy presented in the art of shodo, Japanese Calligraphy, to help strengthen our mindset in a modern-day reflection.

All these practices brought together are designed to help our mind-body connection, and open ourselves up for improved health, longevity, awareness, and enlightenment.

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