Erick Rook, Coach & Writer

Mission Statement

House of Attilius was founded on the concept of “True Victory is Victory Over the Self.” My mission is to assist in the improvement of overall health through self-discovery and increased awareness. Through exploration we seek the benefit of health, longevity, vitality, and enlightenment for humankind and the planet.


House of Attilius embodies the essence of a powerful journey for those who are seeking self-discovery, awareness, and understanding by way of enlightenment.

Life is a beautiful and precious gift that presents us with countless opportunities for growth and learning. It takes bravery, curiosity, and tenacity to embark on a journey with immeasurable rewards.

By pursuing our passions and exploring new paths, we will expand our horizons and contribute to something greater than ourselves.

My own personal journey has taken me through many experiences. All of which have opened my eyes and mind to know myself and life on a deeper level.

Tools that have helped me over time range from:

  • Muay Thai.
  • Qigong/Meditation.
  • Screenwriting.
  • Creative writing.
  • Sketch art/Drawing.
  • Chinese medicine.
  • Strength/Conditioning 

But it was the various emotional traumas that I’ve experienced over my years which have truly transformed me into who I am today.

Each of us has a unique and beautiful story that unfolds every day. Learn to embrace and craft it with courage and the world will open to you in wondrous ways.

I’m here to help guide you along the way.

True Victory Mindset

A True Victory Mindset is a powerful way of thought and focus that is behind our transformative journey. One that requires self-reflection and introspection, and where we must confront our deepest fears and insecurities.

True Victory Mindset is not just about what we achieve; it’s about who we become in the process of achieving it.

Thus, it is only through a culmination of:

  • Hard work.
  • Commitment.
  • Dedication.

 …to our aspirations and ideals and pushing past personal limitations that we achieve our victory.

Remember, that it is not merely about outshining others.

It is about a profound and meaningful achievement that stems from achieving true victory over the self. This mindset is about overcoming our own:

  • Adversities.
  • Inner conflicts.
  • Negative habits.

…to emerge victorious from these struggles- past, present, and future.

Our emergence will leave us feeling a sense of fulfillment and confidence that cannot be felt elsewhere. Ensuring that this type of victory is not just a fleeting moment of glory, but a lifelong accomplishment. One that has the power to not only positively affect every aspect of our lives, but the world as well.

I have heard that in ancient times there were Spiritual Beings. Their knowledge was vast, and their understanding was profound. They stood between heaven and earth, connecting the universe; they understood and were able to control both yin and yang, the two fundamental principles of nature. They inhaled the vital essence of life; they remained unmoving in their spirit; their muscles and flesh were as one. This is the Tao, the Way, which you are seeking.